Hagar’s Poem

when life isn’t perfect
and brings you to your knees
lift up your hands in prayer
tell the God Who Sees!!

a servant in the desert
had given up all hope
running from her mistress found her
at the end of contempt’s rope

but then One called her
by her name he called
Hagar, tell me where you came from
and why you left at all.

She told her whole sad tale
one of conflict and of strife
and God listened to her weeping
but gave a promise, all despite.

He didn’t reprimand her
or tell her she was bad
He only asked her questions
and then He gave a hand.

God told her to return
not to flee from Sarai’s wrath
and though it must be painful
she knew she would go back

God didn’t let her run away
from the problems right in front
rather he told her, “Face them!
I’ll provide the strength you want.”

seek God when you’re downtrodden
He’ll meet you where you are
on your knees you’ll find

your wounds have turned to scars


An Encounter at the YMCA

Ya know, when the Spirit says go, you better GO, and the rest is God’s business!!

Experienced this today with my dear mother! We passed a group of young men playing catch on the YMCA grounds, music blaring from their nearby cars. I knew right away I had to talk to them and was a bit like, really? They’re guys and there are four of them and they’re having a grand ol’ time together and are not expecting to get interrupted by a preachy female! But immediately, when I began to walk in their direction, I FELT the confidence and godly affection for these boys come on me, and i felt free to call out, “hey! I want to say something to you guys!” and asked them to go to church on Easter because Jesus LOVES them and has plans and destinies for their lives!! Not the whole gospel—definitely a VERY ABBREVIATED version—but a good one because I could tell they were open to what I was saying. It was a very brief moment but God was in it.

Was super relaxed afterwards and knew I’d stepped out in faith and God had answered ❤ Following Jesus may be a challenge—being pushed out of your comfort zone—but it’s a good, joyful challenge!

A Night of Worship: A night of freedom


Last night, I attended the church in which I grew up. It’s always been a good church, but it’s grown with leaps and bounds—lots of people, lots of nationalities—it’s refreshing to see the body of Christ come together as they do there. That’s the way it will be in heaven!

I went because they were hosting an evening called Night of Worship, and that’s what it was. Once the music started I felt strangely hindered in my seat—it was as if some untold force was rising up within me, demanding me to begin to move!! Of course, I knew what it was—It was the Holy Spirit encouraging me to worship, because He is worthy!

A bit timid at first, I went to the back, but then after finding a comfortable place in the sanctuary, where I could forget the crowd despite being among them, I began to dance, a bit cautiously at first, then with more boldness, and finally, as I saw that He IS WORTHY, I began to dance with freedom and all my might! I clearly saw that people are sheep, and that HE IS WORTHY!! No need to half-heartedly dance—no! He deserves ALL of it!! I even got sweaty!! The feeling was so liberating and wonderful!! Dancing felt so good!

The biggest lesson for me in this was that as I uplift the name of Jesus, my fear of people diminishes completely, so that I “see Jesus only.”  Dance, for me, is a way to behold the glory of God, as well as a way to express my reaction to that glory!

Eric Liddell, a missionary but also an Olympic runner, when asked why he runs, answered, “ When I run I feel His pleasure.” That’s what I would answer to those who ask why I dance. When I dance, I FEEL the pleasure of God. And that is all I am after.



God’s Smuggler

20180322_230333The book, based on the life of Brother Andrew, a Dutchman who smuggled hundreds of thousands–even millions–of Bibles into closed countries around the world, is SO MIND BOGGLING!! To live such a life of faith!!

What struck me, possibly the most, was his utter dependence on God in every area of life, especially finances. Christians should not live with a mindset of lack, because those who seek the Lord will lack no good thing <3. What a promise; Brother Andrew lived that out.

There are so many untapped promises in scripture…How wonderful to know that God is so patient with us!! He does not reprimand or frown upon us, but teaches us in gentleness and love. May we be willing, in all humility, with childlike faith, to listen and obey!!

These kinds of meditations upon reading the book. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE, no matter religion or nationality..it is a story of a life yielded to God!! It is a story of what God can do through such a life!

The Spirit resting on you

This morning the phrase “for the Spirit of glory and of Christ rests on you” rang in my head upon waking. When I looked it up, I found it was in 1 Peter 4, where it talks about fiery trials, suffering, and being insulted for the name of Christ! I started thinking—-it sounds all great and marvelous to think that the Spirit if God rests on us—that’s something that we can swallow easily! But to be insulted? Suffer? Be ridiculed? It’s not nice! But the two go hand in hand!!

This world can’t understand the fragrance of the lives of God’s children because it is foreign to them!! It’s the smell of death to those that are perishing because it shows them what direction they’re headed in! But it’s also the fragrance of LIFE to those that are filled with the LIFE of Christ! To the one, we smell bad, to the other, so good!

And so when we’re in this world and not of it, they do the same thing to us that they did to Jesus! If they listened to Him, they’ll listen to us; if they persecuted him, they will us too!

Not that it’s a bad thing—its an HONOR to be identified w Christ! it means we’re His children, bought, redeemed, made whole and clean!! it’s EVIDENCE of salvation! An honor and a privilege! a gift! what an upside down world this Father of our has! we can REJOICE in our sufferings for they are bearing for us an eternal weight of glory that cannot be comprehended!!

You called me in the wilderness

You called me in the wilderness,
and gave me a new name,
placed a crown upon my head,
gave me joy instead of shame.

In the midst of all my brokeness,
from my uncertainty and pain,
You called me in the wildernes,
and gave me a new name.

Out of the wilderness I came,
leaning on my beloved.
We took the steps together,
I know that I am loved.

You took me with my battle scars,
and turned them into praise.
Now I’ll dance before you, Lord;
You’re good in all your ways.

My heart will sing a new song
of thankfulness and praise,
of love and adoration;
You’re good in all your ways.

The Lake House Prelude

Those days we spent

so faithfully,

spending time,

just you and me.

We’d write songs,

and poetry,

swim in the lake,

sit under trees.

But those leaves fell off,

and it got colder.

You went away,

and we got older.

Those happy days,

gone for now–

I pray they’ll come again,

Some way, somehow.

You’re far away,

and I am here.

Perhaps someday

You will be near.