On Unintentional procrastination

When you say you’re growing
it means it’s not your strength.
With diligence and baby steps,
you can rise to first from tenth

Not that tenth is terrible
if there are, let’s say, a lot,
but if there’s only 10…
It’s not the highest spot.

Moving on, along those lines,
I must admit to this:
my current point of growth in life
is working on my thesis.

There’s lots of room for growth.
Interpret as you may.
When, I ventured to the library,
I found it closing for the day.

Intentional or not,
the clock read 59.
Movie times and hunger pangs
began to occupy my mind.

Plus the sky was dripping
lovely shades of blue;
the likelihood of research
lessened as I stood

contemplating life,
the way it takes you by surprise.
When you want to do what’s right,
they’ve changed to summer times.

I wiped my rained on bike seat off,
jumped upon my bike,
Sped off in jubilation
To do exactly as I like.

Diligence and baby steps
They were my friends today
I took a bike-ride ’round the town–
Intention not to play.

But as for now, I’m kicking back;
those new friends have gone.
They’ll be back, but now old friends
have come to cheer me on!

No need at all to worry

When tomorrow’s on your mind
You tend be confined

To the item of your worry
So surrender quick, and hurry!

God’s got it all in hand
He after all, does understand

More than your mind can fathom
That mind corrupt from Adam

Though it’s true
In Christ we’re new

So what Adam
cannot fathom

We can
in the Son of Man

But still,
Just chill

God in His sovereignty
Has made us royalty

So all our needs, they’ve been met
As all His promises, they’ve been kept.
No need at all to fret.

Learning to be me in Jesus

Don’t squash your dreams! We each have a role to play in the body of Christ!! We may not know HOW to operate in our given roles and gifts but God will take care that we learn. Like an infant, first we discover we have hands and feet, but we may not know what they’re for! But then! Little by little, we learn how to use those appendages! By faith we reach out to fill a need or to do something we want to do, like a toddler may learn to feed himself or make a mud pie! Dreams and desires many times correspond with our roles in the body of Christ! We can trust God to utilize us in the most efficient way, like a person will utilize his body parts to work and rest, if we will only be faithful and obedient.

Energetic nightly poem

here is a sprightly poem
once again real late at night
poems are nocturnal
in the way they make me write

of course its all fun wordplay
happ’ly scrambling ’bout
no thing can stop its coming
except for some time-out

time out that says its time for bed
why are you awake
go to sleep you funny brain
you need to take a break!

but then that poem, with its vigor,
and in its nightly state
just continues and continues
not getting that its late.

because I’m not a quitter
i put up with it
but my mind, that’s not prepared,
hopes I’d be, a bit.

in the end I stick it through
as they poem dances ’round
the issue of my weariness
and all advice I know is sound.

when wordplay’s finally over
and rhymes are tired out
my brain and fingers get some rest
and thats it, folks–I’m out!

Walking on the waters, you said, “follow me.”

Walking on the waters,
You invited me to come
And follow after you

I had only five loaves and two fish, and You, having compassion on the crowd of thousands, told me to satisfy their hunger.
I didn’t realize that You are the Bread of life

Calling not the righteous, but sinners,
You asked to dine with me.

And the balm of Gilead
Applied for the healing of my mind and soul,
Will soothe the wounds of my heart.

The light of the world,
You opened my eyes,
And made me see

As the Word made flesh,
You commanded me to open my mouth
That You might fill it

Alone with the Father,
You chose to call me out of the crowds
Into fellowship with you.

You, the Key of David,
Unlocked the hidden hopes of my heart

Good Shepherd,
You will guard what I’ve entrusted to You.
And you will walk with me,
As I follow You.

Good Father

Great Father
Sustainer of my soul
Living Water for my thirst
Comforter in my grief
Wonderful Counselor in my confusion

I hide my soul in You.
Under the shadow of Your wings I take shelter.
And I wait on You.
Trusting You only,
Only Sovereign
Lord of all
God with us,
Jesus Christ.

I wait on you.

Waiting and learning to ride a horse

It’s amazing how exact the plan of God is. How exact and how mind-blowingly more on-point His is in knowing and providing for our needs than we even realize He is. Like, I may imagine that I want a plastic, lifeless horse as a pet, but HE, if I will trust, wait, pray, and obey, will give a real, live thoroughbred in its stead!

Of course, a REAL horse–much more so one of quality–requires training and preparation in order to be enjoyed! God causes us to mature and grow in order that we will be able to rightly handle the gifts coming our way!! A plastic toy horse can come instantly with no need for the development of the owner, but is no match for the joy and thrill of horseback riding once one has learned–with patience, practice, and effort, to do so!