To the Man I Marry (revised)

You, in my thoughts since I was five

Take so long to come

Yet I’m waiting and I’m waiting

Because I know that you’re the one

 Not the one mysteriously,

But in a way that makes me sure

That we belong together

Like a diamond and a pearl.

 Both derived from troubles,

Irritations and great pressure

We’re a match that’s made in heaven

Truly, matchless treasure

 Without the hardships and temptations

I wouldn’t be who I am now

And I know the same is true for you

although I don’t know how

 Because there is some sunshine

In the hardship and the rain,

That means there’s also rainbows

Amidst the hurt and pain!

 And as we weep we see the growth

That no one can deny

For There is growth and there is strength

From He who is On High!

 The bitter chill in winter

Makes the world seem almost dead

But come the warmth of spring,

We see it’s not the end!

 the outcome of the passing

Of the pasts that made us, us

Leaves us just like gold

Or diamonds smoothed–not rough

 When we decide to meet

As I suppose we will

The assurance of your love

Will cause my heart to thrill

 I know not when we’ll have

The pleasure of our meeting

But I’m waiting for the time

When I’ll receive your greeting

 So take courage, you, who through storms went

Let not your heart deflate

Love awakens when he desires

Never is he late.


millennials at stake

it’s something

that i can’t write

because it is, in fact,

not all right.

in order to

feel comfortable

it must be


so i’m not tied

to anyone

even when

i think ive won

so circumstance

can go ‘round and ‘round

i refuse

to be bound.

this the life

of this age—

we stand aloof,

won’t take a cage.


we don’t commit

we’ll disappear


Another thing—

we do succeed

where there is


give us a vlog,

a blog, or a game

our work ethic will show

where we can gain fame.

but that is not all—

we’re so connected.

internet platforms

to use, we’ve elected.

describe us like this:

we are really carefree;

we’re fun and adventurous

and a bit finicky.

wit you will find

we appreciate humor

sometimes we use it

to poke fun at the ‘Boomers.

but our parents are great.

we esteem them real high

but they raised us with rules

to which we’ve waved bye.

the strictness of rules

not tempered with grace

is hard to grow up by—

we stood in that place.

our parents were busy

working all day

no money could keep

our sadness at bay.

so those regulations

had no support

they were just words,

our lives a retort.

rules out the window

anything goes—

society suffers

as the wind blows.

but here, don’t you cry

we’re really not bad

there is yet hope

and a future thats glad!

millennials, we age

the past is behind.

now we’re the adults;

watch time unwind.

we’re a bit strange,

but in a really cool way

fast food and cameras

hipsters and whey.

aaaand because our upbringing

made us confused

we’re searching, we’re seeking—

tradition recused.

new methods, new ways

we want what is real

no cotten ball fluff

will help us to heal.

Give answers and fast

we’re looking for truth

don’t hide it from us

we will want proof.

Empty for answers

dissatisfied with fake

give us a challenge

with greatness at stake!

these are my people

this is my clan

I’ve grown up among them

in my short lifespan.

the thing is, the answer,

i know where to find

its not in religion—

or any such kind!

after trying it out—

i know what we need

Jesus as Lord

He is risen, indeed!

the millennial problem

is no problem at all

it drives us to Jesus,

we answer his call.

He’s not a law that would bind us

or a chain that could break

rather a love that will free us

for righteousness’ sake!


























Pentecost’s Good Morn’

A mighty, rushing wind

Swept through the house with power;

fire rested on our heads,

the long-awaited hour.

We’d tarried in Jerusalem,

waited for this day.

In the upper room

He’d commanded us to pray.

We’d lingered long, long hours

after His ascension,

seeking what He’d promised:

the Holy Ghost’s descension.

Descend He did indeed,

with that mighty gust of wind.

Our mouths began to utter

words welling up within.

They weren’t words we understood;

this mattered not a bit.

Divided on our heads was seen

tongues that were fire-lit.

People in the city

passing by our wall,

heard in their home language,

the mighty works of God.

They became bewildered

as they heard us pray;

they began to wonder

if we’d been drunk all day.

Some were laughing, others jeering,

they began to mock.

Others were perplexed,

“what is this strange, odd talk?”

But no, we’d not been drunk;

then Peter took the stage.

With new boldness he declared

Repentance in this age.

“People of Jerusalem,

I proclaim that you may know:

It is the Spirit who was prophesied,

Sent to the earth below.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God,

whom you all crucified

He is the sent Messiah!

For you he bled and died!

He conquered death and rose again,

ascended into heaven

He promised us He’d send us power—

Not just me and the eleven!”

This promised Holy Spirit—

He is here to stay.

He is our Helper and our Comforter

before that glorious Day.

He gives us power to serve,

provides the power for change.

the bondages that tie us break

In Jesus’ precious name.

As the crowd stood there before him,

they were cut right to the heart,

Stricken, they asked, they pled,

“Brothers, from where, then, do we start?”

“Repent, and turn,” Peter replied,

“Submit yourselves to Him.

His arms are wide–wide open.

Jesus forgives us of our sin.”

So, within that day,

3,000 came to faith

The promised Holy Spirit came,

salvation in its wake.

A mighty, rushing wind,

a hurricane force-storm—

the promised power had arrived

Pentecost’s good morn’.















To the Man I Marry

To the Man I Marry

I wanted to reblog this because i think it’s so good! it stands true to this day!

Green Pastures, Quiet Waters

You, in my thoughts since I was five,

take so long to come.

Yet I’m waiting and I’m waiting,

because I know that you’re the one.

Not the one mysteriously,

but in a way that makes me sure

that we belong together

like a diamond and a pearl.

The outcome of the past,

The times that made us, us

Makes us just like pearls

Or diamonds smooth, not rough.

Both derived from troubles,

irritations and great pressure

We’re a match that’s made in heaven,

truly, matchless treasure.

Without the hardships and temptations,

I wouldn’t be “me” now,

and I know the same is true for you

although I don’t know how.

So like a piece of jewelry

That shines under the sun

We together are reflecting

the image of the Son!

Together we’re more valuable

Than we ever were apart

And so we’ll stay attached

Until death do make us…

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Standing Tall

In moments of doubt,

Of fear, of despair,

When it feels like there’s no hope

And God doesn’t care,

I stop

I stop and remember

To look at him first

Seeking His face

He quenches my thirst

I stop–I stop to remember

That He’s in control

No matter the trouble

He’s on patrol.

He won’t let me stumble

He won’t let me fall

No matter what happens

He’s always on call

I can trust Him this moment

I can trust Him today

Singing songs of deliverance

In faith I will say:

He won’t let me stumble

He won’t let me fall.

No matter what happens,

Through Him I’ll stand tall.



Hagar’s Poem

when life isn’t perfect
and brings you to your knees
lift up your hands in prayer
tell the God Who Sees!!

a servant in the desert
had given up all hope
running from her mistress found her
at the end of contempt’s rope

but then One called her
by her name he called
Hagar, tell me where you came from
and why you left at all.

She told her whole sad tale
one of conflict and of strife
and God listened to her weeping
but gave a promise, all despite.

He didn’t reprimand her
or tell her she was bad
He only asked her questions
and then He gave a hand.

God told her to return
not to flee from Sarai’s wrath
and though it must be painful
she knew she would go back

God didn’t let her run away
from the problems right in front
rather he told her, “Face them!
I’ll provide the strength you want.”

seek God when you’re downtrodden
He’ll meet you where you are
on your knees you’ll find

your wounds have turned to scars

An Encounter at the YMCA

Ya know, when the Spirit says go, you better GO, and the rest is God’s business!!

Experienced this today with my dear mother! We passed a group of young men playing catch on the YMCA grounds, music blaring from their nearby cars. I knew right away I had to talk to them and was a bit like, really? They’re guys and there are four of them and they’re having a grand ol’ time together and are not expecting to get interrupted by a preachy female! But immediately, when I began to walk in their direction, I FELT the confidence and godly affection for these boys come on me, and i felt free to call out, “hey! I want to say something to you guys!” and asked them to go to church on Easter because Jesus LOVES them and has plans and destinies for their lives!! Not the whole gospel—definitely a VERY ABBREVIATED version—but a good one because I could tell they were open to what I was saying. It was a very brief moment but God was in it.

Was super relaxed afterwards and knew I’d stepped out in faith and God had answered ❤ Following Jesus may be a challenge—being pushed out of your comfort zone—but it’s a good, joyful challenge!