You called me in the wilderness

You called me in the wilderness,
and gave me a new name,
placed a crown upon my head,
gave me joy instead of shame.

In the midst of all my brokeness,
from my uncertainty and pain,
You called me in the wildernes,
and gave me a new name.

Out of the wilderness I came,
leaning on my beloved.
We took the steps together,
I know that I am loved.

You took me with my battle scars,
and turned them into praise.
Now I’ll dance before you, Lord;
You’re good in all your ways.

My heart will sing a new song
of thankfulness and praise,
of love and adoration;
You’re good in all your ways.


The Lake House Prelude

Those days we spent

so faithfully,

spending time,

just you and me.


We’d write songs,

and poetry,

swim in the lake,

sit under trees.


But those leaves fell off,

and it got colder.

You went away,

and we got older.


Those happy days,

gone for now–

they’ll come again,

Some way, somehow.


You’re far away,

and I am here.

Perhaps someday

You will be near.


The Lake House

From the lake house’ waves, the ebb and flow,

to its winter storm, white with snow.


Friendships lost, and gained again.

Reconciled, its not the end.


So is life a process here–

relationships from far to near.


We’re different now; we’re not the same.

But it’s all right, and it’s okay.


As summer comes from winter snow,

so friendships change, and bloom, and grow.



Dr Mickey Kotton

Dr Mickey Kotton

once kicked me out of class.

Me—the model student

who never gave him sass.


The story goes like this, you see

I did come unprepared.

I didn’t have my rough ROUGH draft–

to sneak out I hardly dared.


But sneak out that day I did;

the final bell had not yet rung.

I figured I’d sneak back in,

and show my work was not undone


Alas, the bell did strike,

but I hoped for no reproof.

I sneakily snuck in the door,

but Kotton caught my goof.


“You’re late,” he said,

“There’s no excuse;

don’t beg, don’t cry,

it is no use.


You know the rules;

I stand by them.

You’re out, ol’ scout,

Tomorrow, come again.”


Dr Mickey Kotton,

the one that kicked me out

is the most respected of them all,

the one I write about.


The strictest of the teachers;

he was loving too.

Although his class was hard sometimes,

it was for our best, we knew.


He held a high, high standard

and expected it of us.

Because we sensed he believed in us,

to exceed it we did rush.


Never was I late again;

I had learned my lesson.

Dr Mickey Kotton–

May the good Lord bless ‘im!

The simple thing

Who’s the best friend to lean on when trying times of trouble, tiredness, or temptation come? Jesus, of course. He’s the friend that sticks closer than a brother. Don’t let anything come between you and him because where else can you go in the day of trouble? He’s the strength to the weary, the water to the thirsty, and the bread to the hungry. Without him we can do nothing but WITH him ALL things are possible!

Realized that today when I was lonely and a bit down, having just refused, because of fear, to obey the quite voice of the Spirit of God to do a simple thing. So, as I was feeling down and confused, racking my brain to see who would be appropriate to call to share my misery with, when the thought process ran though my mind that hey! Jesus IS that brother! Jesus IS that comforter and friend! I SHOULD be able to go to him and pour out my misery. Yet I knew that something was between me and him–namely, ME. I had done, because of fear, what my flesh had wanted to do. Soooo I turned around and did the simple thing. Well, right away I could look people in the eye again and thankfulness returned to my heart.

O the love of God!

These kinds of thoughts in the evening.

When I Think of Heaven

when i think of heaven,

i think of a victory won,

of stars in bright triumph,

of a race—finished and done.


when i think of heaven,

i think of a face like the sun,

and the Spirit in chorus

with the Bride saying, “come.”


when i think of heaven,

i think of the one,

the only begotten,

the crucified Son.


These thoughts are a mystery,

but the answer’s been given

to the heart like a child’s:

He’s not here! He is risen!